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Sun Kil Moon in Warsaw on November 16 at the first non-festival concert in Poland! We are happy to announce that Mark Kozelek and his band will visit Warsaw in November to play a full 3-hour set at the Palladium Theater. The band will be presenting their latest album, Common As Light And Love, in Red Valleys Of Blood.

The Sun Kil Moon project was born in 2002 as a continuation of the indie rock band Red House Painters, where Mark Kozelek’s career began. The Ohio Songwriter has more than 40 albums, most of which he has released in his Caldo Verde label based in San Francisco; At least 4 new releases are planned for 2017. Sun Kil Moon’s music combines long and frankly sincere poetic forms with cost-effective arrangements that impress with their album artwork. Marek Kozelka’s career took second place with the release of Benji’s CD in 2014. Benji was hailed as the best album of the year by FACT Magazine, The Independent described the album as “one of the most real, smartest albums to listen to.” Sun Kil Moon released a total of 10 albums. The last of them is Common As Light And Love are Red Valleys Of Blood – over two hours and exceptionally up to date impressions on the reality of 2016.

Mark Kozelek on Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood:

“Recorded in San Francisco and Hoboken in August 2016. Mark Kozelek and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) on drums.” Trump’s face flooded all kiosks in the country in summer 2016. The pre-election period and shootings, of course, hit my last album. In Nashville, Conor Oberst perfectly embraced it: “You must not have a brain or soul if you do not care about things.”
Common As Light And Love Are The Red Valleys Of Blood largely describes the events that took place from January to August 2016 and how I processed it all during my travels.
At the same time was preparing another album: follow-up to Jesu / Sun Kil Moon. Our second album, 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth, will be released on May 5th. The blessing was to get to know Justin Broadrick’s amazing talents and to create these beautiful albums with him.
The two latest albums capture more than my reactions to mass murder or the departure of our beloved heroes like David Bowie and Muhammad Ali. Sun Kil Moon and Jesu / Sun Kil Moon albums are full of love, humor and gratitude for the gift of life. “